MONO Design & Build, inherited from LAM's hardware product Pty Ltd, has a history of nearly 40 years since its establishment.

Since MONO was founded, parametric design has always been our design methodology. We believe that the parametric design is an inevitable outcome of the digital age.Parametric design means the interconnection among design and other professions and represents a closer connection between designers and users.It allows us to consider multiple factors, including form, material, dimension, color, cost and timeline simultaneously at the very beginning of a project. We consider this as a more organized and systematic way to understand the technology involved in design and construction.

Design is the art of construction. The view of construction is embedded in each step of our design at the beginning of every project. Our confidence to embrace challenges lies in the industrial experience accumulated for nearly 40 years in metal manufacturing. Our transformation from manufacture to design is powered by the long history, abundant industrial experiences, complete production resources and advanced technology.

The essence of design is to solve problems with creativity. As designers, we expect our design to evoke the happiness within life and rediscover our life, city and nature.

We strongly believe that no design exists without the site and the context. Demand, condition and constraint from different clients is distinctive, which also leads to the breakthrough in design.Such a design is unique, so is the fascination of design.  MONO believes that the value of the original design is far greater than the profits in a long term, and it will bring a profound influence to the city where we live. 

Founder & Design Director | Michael Lam

Michael Lam, Founder and Design Director of MONO Design & Build, graduated from the University of Vitoria (British Columbia, Canada) with a double bachelor and master degree in industrial design and visual arts.

In 2002, Michael Lam went back to China, aiming to apply his professional knowledge in design to the transformation of his family-owned business. A design studio was set up inside the factory. From the scratch, he embedded industrial design ideas in the practical production processes. He concurred countless technical difficulties among the production processes from the preliminary concept design to the final production.

Michael Lam has a strong interest in the combination of design and manufacturing. He pursues the rationality and functionality of the product and, more importantly, the aesthetics of the modern industrial design. He believes that strangeness and fun are indispensable elements in creativity.

Michael has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in industrial design and has been collaborating with numerous prestigious design firms including Zaha Hadid, HOK, L&O, BENYONG, Aedas, and Woodsbagot.

“Don't believe in genius, only believe in hard work.” Nowadays, Michael leads a comprehensive design team, builds up their strength. Based on their own original design, they are looking for more opportunities and challenges. Michael keeps his curiosity and discovers new ideas in the rapid-pace world. . "Every day I learn something new", he believes. 

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